Small-Scale production of Ready-To-Use-Therapeutic- Foods (RUTF) in Abuja, Nigeria
March 2017
Australian Government and Empower 54 has partnered to produce RUTF in Nigeria to reduce the rate of child mortality in Nigeria due to severe acute malnutrition.
6,000 severely malnourished children to benefit from the small-scale production. This will be the first time, RUTF will be produced in Nigeria and given at no charge to 500 children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) monthly.
Empower 54 has also partnered with a United States UN certified RUTF manufacturer, PPB, that will train and offer technical support for this laudable program.
The production site is in Abuja, FCT.

Donation of 40 feet container worth over $3M to IDPs in Borno State
February 13th 2017
Empower 54’s “Empower 54 Gives” campaign is sending six 40 feet containers of humanitarian aid to Africa in 2017. Two for Nigeria, two for Democratic Republic of Congo and two for Liberia. On February 13th, the first container for Nigeria was given to the IDPs in Borno State, Nigeria.
The container donated to Borno State contained a wide variety of high grade multi vitamins, malnutrition medication, gloves, syringes, sterile gauze, doctors stethoscopes, etc worth $3M as well as specialized 160, 000 nutritional meals. 
The 31 IDP camps in Borno state that benefited from the distribution are: Custom House, Dalori, Damboa, Dikwa, Farm Centre, Banki Camp, Benisheck, Biu Camp, CAN Centre, CBN Camp, Goni Kachallai, Gubio, Gwoza, Jakaua, Kofa, Konduga, Madinath, Mogolis, Monguno, Muna, Nursing Village, Ngala, Nganidu, Nganzoi, NYSC, Rehabilitation Cutus, Shagari, Teachers Village, Zannari Camp, Bakassi Camp and Bama Camps.

Treatment of extremely malnourished children from Bama (Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria)
June 2016 – Present
Empower 54 and the Borno State SEMA are managing the location where the evacuated children and their families are kept in Maiduguri. We are providing nutritional treatment, clothing and non-perishable foods to the patients.
PARTNERS: Borno State Government and Empower 54.

Vocational training for IDP children & women (Bakasi IDP camp, Maiduguri, Borno State)
June 2016 – Present
174 children and 200 women are currently learning in the classes built by Empower 54. They are being taught basic math, English and specialized vocational skills to enable them become self-sufficient by teachers hired by Empower 54.
PARTNERS: Empower 54 and Body Enhancement Ltd

Evacuation of extremely malnourished children from Bama, Borno State, Nigeria
June 13th and 15th 2016 (ongoing)
Empower 54 assisted the Borno State government evacuate 1, 800 people from the IDP camp in Bama state to Maiduguri for emergency treatment due to extreme malnutrition. The malnourished children and their families were rescued by the Nigeria army from Boko Haram captivity in Sambisa Forest where they had been starved prior to taken to the Bama IDP camp.
PARTNERS: Borno State Government and Empower 54.

Building of classrooms for IDP children, Bakasi IDP camp, Maiduguri, Borno State
June 2016
Empower 54 constructed several large classrooms for its education and vocation program at the Bakasi IDP camp for women and children.
PARTNERS: Empower 54 and Body Enhancement Ltd

Empower 54 Annual African Art Gala, Atlanta, GA
April 30th 2016
History was made when the City of Atlanta unites with Empower 54 to Rise Above Terror.
This is a unique evening of auctioning stunning African Paintings and breathtaking handicrafts representing the Kings, Queens, traditions, and rich history of the legendary ancient Benin Kingdom (Edo State, Nigeria).
Proceeds from the art auction goes towards establishing schools in IDP camps and rebuilding schools destroyed by Boko Haram in North East Nigeria.
Through the auction of African arts, we will raise funds to help survivors of terrorism commence the process of rebuilding their lives and communities.
PARTNERS: The City of Atlanta, Desmond & Leah Tutu Foundation, Borno State Government (Nigeria), Andrew Young Foundation, Africa Atlanta, Besharat Gallery, Body Enhancement Ltd, Nigeria High Consulate (Atlanta) & Fox5 Tv.

Rise Above Terror..What Happens Next? Abuja, Nigeria

October 9th 2015
Exhibition, auction of art works by Nigerian painters to create awareness and raise funds for rebuilding schools in North East Nigeria.
PARTNERS: Sheraton Hotel (Abuja) and Empower 54.

Malkoi IDP Camp & NYSC Camp, Adamawa State (Nigeria)

September 2015
As part of Empower 54’s plan to rehabilitate IDPs in North East Nigeria, we distributed food, toys, clothes and educational material to women and children IDPs in camps. 2, 000 thousand children and 1, 000 women rescued from Sambisa forest benefited from the donations.
PARTNERS: Empower54, Body Enhancement Ltd, Kabil Point Ltd and individuals

Renovation of Government Junior Secondary School (GJSS) Uba, Adamawa State

July – November 2015
As part of our plan to promote education for all children, Empower 54 commenced rebuilding schools destroyed by Boko Haram to enable the children in those communities resume classes. Destroyed tables and chairs are refurbished, while those without are provided with new ones.
8, 000 thousand school children in the Uba community benefitted from this.
PARTNERS: HITS furniture Ltd and Empower 54

Assessment of communities destroyed by Boko Haram (Adamawa, Gombe and Borno States) 

May and June 2015
Empower 54 embarked on an assessment project to get visuals of extended damages done to communities destroyed by Boko Haram in some of the North East States.
The data collected enables proper assessment, planning and identification of urgent needs in those regions.
PARTNERS: Empower 54 and Body Enhancement Ltd.

Establishment of school at IDP camp (Adamawa State)

February – September 2015
At the Girei IDP camp in Yola, Empower 54 established a school that provided free education for 501 IDP children between the ages of 1 to 14years. The children were given school uniforms, shoes, writing materials, and learning boards.
In addition, 23 trained teachers were hired amongst the IDPs at the Girei camp to teach the children. Empower r54 paid the teachers monthly for teaching until the camp was dissolved by the state government.
501 children and 23 teachers were employed.
PARTNERS: Empower 54 and Body Enhancement Ltd.

Girl/Women Empowerment Program for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) In Gombe State, Nigeria.

February 12th 2015
Empower 54’s “Rise Above Terror” campaign is focused on rehabilitating women and children IDPs in North East Nigeria through self-employment and education.
During the empowerment program, Empower 54 rented houses, donate sewing machines, cap knitting kits, cloth knitting machines, new fabrics for trading, groundnut production items, monies to start businesses, and cartons of Indomie noodles to displaced women at the Wuro-Juli in Akko LGA and The Federal Low-cost Mini (Intercessors For Nigeria) camps, Gombe.
Toys were also given to the children, and clothes to the families. The equipment, tools and businesses sponsored were based on what the internally displaced women informed the organization they were capable of doing to become self-sufficient again.
Over 1,000 people benefited with the direct target of the empowerment program being women because the culture makes it the woman’s responsibility to feed her children.
PARTNERS: Body Enhancement Limited, Gombe State government, SEMA (Gombe) and individuals.

Free medical, drugs and food donation outreach program (Bayelsa State, Nigeria)

November 23rd – 29th 2014
Countless families were fed via the distribution of 600 50kg bags of rice distributed to 40 poverty-stricken communities in the State. (28 land & 20 riverine only assessable via water). The team travelled via speedboats into the dangerous creeks of Brass LGA to feed the poor.
The program lasted for 7 days, during which patients benefited from the free medical program and received medication and glasses. The medical missions held in 3 LGAs: Otueke, OGBIA LGA, Anyama-Ijaw, SOUTHERN IJAW LGA & Opume, OGBIA LGA.
2,000 patients from the free medical program and received medication and reading glasses.
Thousands of families were fed via the distribution of 600 50kg bags of rice distributed to 40 poverty-stricken communities in the State, (28 land & 20 reverine only assessable via water). The team travelled via speedboats into the dangerous creeks of Brass LGA to feed the poor.
PARTNERS: Nigeria Customs Service, AutoPlaza Nigeria, Body Enhancement Ltd, Dana Group, Trenur Nigeria Ltd, and Honorable Shenu Gusau Ibahim (Zamfara Federal).

Food and drugs donation outreach program (Edo State, Nigeria)

September 25th 2014
Donation of 800 50kg bags of rice, 660 1litre bottles of vegetable oil, 4,000 packs of salt, 2,400 packs of Indomie and medication were donated to the entire Owan West Local Government Area, Edo State.
Over 5,000 families benefitted from the distribution program.
PARTNERS: Indomie Noodles (Dufil Group), DANA Group, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development, and Body Enhancement Ltd.

Free medical missions in Ethiopia, Mali, Niger Republic and Zambia

2010 till Present
Annually our medical volunteers from various parts of America and Africa go to these countries annually to provide free reconstructive surgeries ranging from Plastic reconstructive procedures to general surgeries.
PARTNERS: US and indigenous Surgeons.

Donations of humanitarian aid to other nonprofits (Nigeria)

Donations of bags of rice, books, toys and other non-perishable foods to other NGOs to support their programs.
Global Initiative For Peace, Love and Care.

Payments of medical bills for patients in hospitals (Kano State, Nigeria)

Monies were sent to various hospitals to pay for medical bills of patients that couldn’t afford to pay for surgical and medical care of underprivileged people that couldn’t afford to pay their medical bills.
20 people benefited from the donation.
PARTNERS: Empower 54 and Body Enhancement Ltd

Medical Mission (Tabora, Tanzania) 

Free surgical missions were done in the City of Tabora.
PARTNERS: US, indigenous Surgeons and Empower r54.

Free National Medical Mission (Kwara State, Nigeria)

This program was very unique because many different types of medical specialties worked together to achieve a common goal, which was to help indigent Nigerians.
Our Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, did a special video recording for us inviting medical volunteers to come to Nigeria and participate in our program.
The video was aired on CNN for two months and many international and national medical personnel came to join the Empower 54 medical team.
Some corrective surgeries performed were VVF (Vesico Vaginal Fistula) repairs, removal of tumors, cataract extractions, cleft lip and cleft palate, repaired burns and contractures, repair of hernias, removal of fibroids and ovarian cysts, rebuilding of several deformities, etc.
In addition to rendering free operations, the beneficiaries who came from all over the country were given donated clothing and non-perishable foods such as rice, sugar and milk.
110 patients were treated during the two weeks program
PARTNERS: EXXON-MOBIL, corporate organizations, Ministry of Health Federal Republic of Nigeria, Kwara State Government, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Body Enhancement Ltd and Empower 54.

Reconstructive Surgery for underprivileged children (Niger Delta, Nigeria)

SHELL/SNEPCO corporation requested a program specially designed to cater to the needs of the poor in the areas where it does its oil exploration in the country.
This enabled the organization the opportunity select the beneficiaries from Empower 54’s large waiting list of underprivileged people in need of Plastic reconstructive surgery.
5 children were selected to benefit from this sponsorship program
PARTNERS: SHELL/SNEPCO sponsored program

Reconstructive surgery of Victims of contaminated kerosene explosions (Edo State, Nigeria)

Provision of Plastic reconstructive surgery for surviving victims of the contaminated kerosene explosions that occurred in the State in 2001.
Empower 54 brought highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons and operating nurses from Beverly Hills, California, USA to Okada, Edo State to perform surgeries and train local surgeons while treating the selected patients.
Some of the deformities corrected on the 36 patients during the duration of the surgeries were: Axilla contractures, hand, elbow, chin and neck contractures, severe contractures of both legs, Ecthopions, massive keloids, severe foot contractures, etc.
36 patients were treated within the one-week program. The patients were men, women and children ranging from the ages of 3 to 68 years.
PARTNERS: Edo State Government and Body Enhancement Ltd

Reconstructive Surgery for underprivileged children (Niger Delta, Nigeria)

Exxon-Mobil Oil corporation requested a program specially designed to cater to the needs of the poor in the areas where it does its oil exploration in the country. This enabled the organization the opportunity select the beneficiaries from Empower 54’s large waiting list of underprivileged people in need of Plastic reconstructive surgery.
4 children with various deformities were beneficiaries of this program.
PARTNERS: EXXON-MOBIL sponsored program

Bringing hope to Children with birth defects (Niger Delta and Kano State)

This program created national awareness about the causes, prevention and plight of children with Congenital deformities such as Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate and Syndactyly (Webbed fingers).
20 children were treated between the ages of 3 months to 15 years during the 5 days program.
PARTNERS: Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), River State Government, Kano State Government, and Body Enhancement Ltd.