Countless malnourished children die daily!

Countless malnourished children die daily in Africa!

Borno State, Nigeria (sub-Saharan Africa) is the most hit location by what’s considered the World’s worst terrorist group, Boko Haram. Countless have been killed and even larger numbers displaced. Due to the vast lands and restricted access to many destroyed locations in the region, the extent of damage done and reality of the suffering of people there is still unknown to the world.

People that once fended for them selves have become dependant on relief and living in refugee camps. All hope lost with no future in sight.Their homes, businesses and farms have been destroyed leaving them destitute. Without daily donations of relief items and food given to them at refugee camps, they have no means of fending for themselves.

Controversial Malnourished Bama children
On May 30th, Empower 54 team accompanied the Deputy Governor of Borno State to Bama and noticed some extremely malnourished children. It was discovered the Nigerian Army rescued the malnourished children from Boko Haram’s captivity in the Sambisa Forest.

Bama, June 1st & Evacuations (June 13th & 15th)
Empower 54 returned to Bama to do a proper assessment and head count of the extremely malnourished children and their family members. On June 13th and June 15th, the Governor of Borno State assisted Empower 54 to ensure safe evacuation of the children and their families to Maiduguri for treatment.

Empower 54 successfully evacuated 1,800 malnourished children and their families and we co-manage the nutrition center where they are in Maiduguri with the Borno State SEMA.  Video of discovery and evacuation   Pictures

The Nursing Village, Maiduguri as provided to Empower 54 for care of malnourished people in Borno State. It is a hub where nonprofits and government can bring malnourished children and adults to receive free nutritional care, thus the new name “Nursing Village Nutritional Centre”. 

We have partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere to distribute 1 million nutritional meals to our nutrition center in Maiduguri and other malnourished communities in Africa annually.

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