What We Do

Health: Through the use of modern technology, we impact lives via free medical missions; distribution of medication/medical supplies/equipment to under-equip hospitals, conduct medical seminars and collate population statistics via BioMetrics and BioData to create sustainable global health solutions in Africa.

Hunger Eradication/Rural Development: We provide opportunities for community and individual development through various agricultural programs including Aquaponics.

Education/Music Education: We provide access to modern educational platforms and music education as means of rehabilitation for underprivileged women and children.

Women/Girl Empowerment: We promote entrepreneurship by creating platforms to enable beneficiaries of our skills acquisition programs by showcasing and sell their products on a global scale.

IDP/Refugee Rehabilitation: We provide a rounded approach to rehabilitation for IDPs and Refugees through the combination of our emergency nutrition center for malnourished IDPs, public health programs, education, empowerment and hunger eradication programs.

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