Containers of medication and medical supplies for Africa

Over $18 Million Dollars worth of medication and medical supplies for Africa annually!

Empower 54 has commence sending a minimum of $18 Million Dollars worth of medication to various African countries annually. These medication will be used for treatment of sick, malnourished and underprivileged people.

Our goal is to send a minimum of six 40″ containers containing medication and medical supplies to various rural African communities in dire need of these resources.

The benefiting communities are identified by general nominations through our social media pages. Once communities are selected, we search the needs of the region and that determines the medication and supplies to send there.

During distribution, our medical team will be in those countries assessing underprivileged patients and distributing the drugs to them.

All medication donated by Empower 54 are NOT expired drugs and meet ALL requirements of receiving countries.

How to nominate: Follow us on social media (twitter, Facebook and instagram), name the community/country you are nominating and use the hashtag: #Empower54Gives…and name of community or country. Example: #Empower54GivesMaiduguri or #Empower54GivesZambia

Each nomination must be supported with pictures/videos to show the need of the people. Benefiting countries will be announced on our site and social media pages.

Irrespective of economic background, everyone is entitled to live with dignity. That is why we do what we do.

Donate towards shipping containers of medication to save lives