Impact of IDP/Refugee Camps

There are 29 recognized active extremist groups active in Africa with each actively affecting lives and socio-economic situations of the counties/regions they are active in. This is not inclusive of tribal, regional or land induced conflicts.

In addition to challenges to rebuilding infrastructure in affected communities, the greatest casualties are those that live to tell tales of their experiences. Those most vulnerable are helpless women and children.

In many regions affected by war/terrorism, the women and children are raped, kidnapped, used as suicide bomber and child soldiers.

The physical, psychological and emotional trauma infringed on the survivors can’t be expressed. Even more disheartening is the lack of focus to provide proper support to enable them rebuild their lives after such experiences.

Most times they are kept in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) or refugee camps to receive humanitarian aid which includes shelter, food and basic health care services. Due to over population and unhygienic living in most camps, the daily mortality rate amongst children and adults are extremely high.

There is no question that humanitarian aid are desperately needed in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) or refugee camps but long term sustainability of these camps has negative impact too.

One of the most critical negative aspect of keeping IDPs/refugee camps is the obvious: it makes people become dependent on aid! Most countries cant afford to sustain feeding, housing and providing care for millions of people, this has caused many IDPs/refugees to turn to prostitution to make money or get extra food from corrupt camp officials. Some resort to “selling” their children for money to eat.

What’s the solution? At Empower 54, we believe the solution is to empower them while they are at the camps!

How? Teach revenue generating skills to those without skills, provide beginners and skilled people with machinery and support to commence earning income to fend for themselves. Remember, you empower a woman, you save generations! 

That is why we have an impactful women empowerment program that addresses these concerns and aimed at providing sustainable results.

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