620,000 children given medication in Democratic Republic of Congo

On September 24th 2018, Empower 54 commenced distribution of Albendazole and Vitamin A (100,000 IU and 200,000 IU) for 620, 000 children in Province Du Mai-Ndombe, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Princess Modupe travelled within the Province with Mai-Ndombe’s Minister of Health, Dr Bola, to 8 major towns to flag-off the distribution. The towns visited during her 10 day visit to the Congo were, Inongo, Kutu, Mushie, Bokoro, Kwamout, Bolobo, Nioki, and Mongama.

Our donation of Albendazole and Vitamin A in partnership with Vitamin Angels for 620, 000 children in the Province was to support the Maternal Newborn Child Health Week which is a global biannual event. The Week aims to deliver a package of basic health interventions that are highly effective in reducing child mortality and improving mother and child health.